September Babies are Smarter Based on a New Study

September Babies are Smarter Based on a New Study

Astrology tells us that our birth months have a strong impact on our behavior, personality, relationships, and lives in general. However, science says the month that you were born may affect your intelligence. A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research recently found that September babies may be smarter than those who weren’t.

september babies

The study examined 1.2 million public students in Florida between the ages of 6 and 15 who were all born in various months.

September Babies are Smarter, but Why?

The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple. This is related to the cutoff date of the kindergartens to enter school.

september babies

Usually, the starting date of classes for kindergartens is around August or beginning of September.

It means that students who were born in September are older than their classmates. It gives them this maturity and experience from the gap they have with their classmates.

The study also found out that the students born in September had higher yearly averages than students born in August. Probably, this isn’t a coincidence that the latter tend to be the youngest in their batch.


In addition to that, their higher test scores could continue to build over the years, making their chances of getting into a good college.

Are you a September baby? Do you think the study is accurate? Be proud of your birth month!


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