Scientists Names Spider with Odd Color as “Joker”

Scientists Names Spider with Odd Color as “Joker”

Scientists Names Spider with Odd Color as “Joker”
Photo: MSN

Scientists discovered a new species of spider with a red-and-white pattern resembling the make-up of Joker.

In a study published in Arthropoda Selecta, the name of the spider is Loureedia phoenixi. It is based on Phoenix’s portrayal of Batman’s infamous villain.

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In addition, the colorful spider belongs to a genus with a name referring to the late punk rock icon Lou Reed. He always wore black and rarely smiled.

Scientists Names Spider with Odd Color as “Joker”
Photo: MSN

They discovered the spider in Iran, the first genus discovered outside Mediterranean.

While researchers are still conducting observations on the new genus, the spider spends most of its life in the subterranean nests.”

Meanwhile, the spider’s body measures only about 0.3 inches (8 millimeters) long and it is full of tiny hairs.

In addition, spiders in this family called Erisidae are velvet spiders, or having dense, velvety coats.

According to Alireza Zamani, lead author of the study, velvet spiders have unusual habits, such as cooperating to build communal nests and collectively caring for their young.

Discovering and studying new species are always challenging for researchers as arachnids are active aboveground only for a three-week period each year.

Scientists only have information about male Joker spiders. They will continue searching for the elusive females, near the locations where they found the male spiders.


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