Scientists Found Sharks in An Active Underwater Volcano

Scientists Found Sharks in An Active Underwater Volcano

scientists found sharks living in an underwater active volcano

In 2015, a group of scientists explored one of the most dynamic submerged volcanoes in the southwest Pacific Ocean and south Vangunu islands in the Solomon Islands. They used camera-installed robots and launch them down to the waters.

The area around the active volcano is covered by hot and acidic seawater. Because of this, a dangerous environment is present, so you expect not to see any marine life flourishing.

However, the scientists found creatures living in and around the fountain of liquid magma – specifically, hammerhead sharks, velvety sharks, and even an uncommon Pacific sleeper shark.

Brennan Phillips who is part of the team is saying that the divers should be careful when they reach the area of the volcano because of hot and acidic water. Because it can cause them from minor to major skin injury.

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“These enormous creatures are living in what you assume to be very hot and acidic water, and they’re simply swimming around,” Phillips included. “It makes you question what kind of harsh environment conditions these creatures are able to adapt into.

What kind of changes have they experienced? Are there any other creatures in the area which can also withstand it?”

This revelation is quite confusing for the scientist. But this is good discovery. Now, with respect to the condition of the volcano’s next eruption- I don’t know how they will survive or will they?


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