Samsung Sold $6.9 Million Dollars Worth of 5G Smartphones

Samsung Sold $6.9 Million Dollars Worth of 5G Smartphones

2019 is one of the best years for technology in fact smartphone brands powerhouses dominate technology brands today. Samsung also is a game-changer.

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So Before the decade ends, one of the leading Korean technology brands, Samsung made a huge sales.

The sold nearly 6.9 million smartphones that is 5G capable in 2019.

Since 4G phones arrived in the early 2010s and 2011, Samsung always does a strategy in terms of sales.

However, Samsung makes it way too big for 2019.

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Debut of 5G

“5G” means the fifth-generation wireless technology for cellular networks.

Compared to its previous 4G and 3G, this one is much faster.

Companies like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are the companies that initially launched the 5G network back in April.

With that being said, smartphone brands are releasing 5G capable phones.

Chinese companies such as Oppo, Realme and One Plus are the first to make these phones.

Others include LG, Motorola, Xiaomi and ZTE. Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, is a leader in the space.

Well surely, Samsung doesn’t hold back.

With the releases of the phones such as Galaxy S10, Note 10 and A new addition with J and A Series.

To top it up, they also released Galaxy fold last year, a 4.6 inches wide and 7.3 inches long.

“Consumers can’t wait to experience 5G and we are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of devices that deliver the best 5G experience possible,”

TM Roh, head of research and development at Samsung’s mobile communications division

So how did the company did it?

Over the years, Samsung is one of the top brands alongside Apple.

And they are the lead android phone among thousands of brands.

They’re unique when it comes to features, capabilities, user interface, storage and all aspects you wished for a smartphone.

This 2020, Samsung will release 5G capable tablets and the newest galaxy edition.


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