Russian Woman Escapes CORONAVIRUS Quarantine

Russian Woman Escapes CORONAVIRUS Quarantine

A Russian woman escapes a hospital ward. Quarantined for novel coronavirus, she is now facing a lawsuit filed by the health authorities for endangering the public. This was according to Russian state media.

Russian woman escapes hospital ward

Alla Ilyina returned from China on January 31 and she was undergoing observation at the Botkin Hospital for Infection Diseases in St. Petersburg. her lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov, told CNN.

A Russian woman escapes a hospital ward
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The patient escaped Botkin Hospital after her returning trip from China
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She fled the hospital without permission. She short-circuited the electronic lock on the door of her ward.

Thursday marked the end of Ilyina’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period, but Cherkasov said that his client had the right to return home.

Ilyina was tested for coronavirus a number of times since returning from China. Moreover, all the samples returned negative.

If she poses any danger for the people, as the chief sanitary physician states, no measures confirming there is a danger are being undertaken.

Furthermore, nearly 230 Russians are currently waiting to return from China. Meanwhile, this was according to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency.

In addition, two coronaviruses have been confirmed in Russia. This was according to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being.

To clarify, the two patients are Chinese nationals who traveled to Russia. But the other one has already recovered and left the hospital according to TASS.

In conclusion, be sure to follow the necessary rules set for traveling. And if you are going to travel to another country be sure to follow their rules and precautions.


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