Roxette’s singer Marie Fredriksson, Dies at 61 last December 9

Roxette’s singer Marie Fredriksson, Dies at 61 last December 9

The band Roxette lead singer’s Marie Fredriksson dies at the age of 61 last December 9th following the death of the young rapper Juice WRLD. The music industry has lost another personality this month.

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Fans have been saddened as the singer from Roxette, Marie Fredrikson dies at the age of 61.

Gun-Marie Fredriksson or simply as Marie Fredriksson is a Swedish singer and performer.

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She was born on 30th May 1958 in the small Swedish village of Össjö.

So Marie has been fighting for 17 years with cancer.

Sadly, however, she lost her battle recently.

Let’s take a look back on her achievements

So the duo Roxette had been known for their songs,

Such as It Must Have Been Love, Listen To Your Heart and Dangerous.

And their song The Look became one on top charts of Billboard top 100 as their first-ever single.

Roxette is consists of the duo Per Gessle and And was formed during 1986 and became popular during the mid-’80s to ’90s.

And so right being successful, Fredriksson decided to come to a solo performing artist.

Shortly after Roxette’s fourth studio album, Marie decided to get back on track and do solo.

Her first greatest hits album, Äntligen – Marie Fredriksson’s bästa 1984–2000 has been a huge success.

With a triple platinum album and has 250,000 shipment units.

However, with the overwhelming success comes with a turning of events.

So firstly she initially complained about feeling uneasy or unusual.

Then, later on, found out that she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2002

A few years after, she was back on track and Continued performing again.

And In 2010, the dynamic duo reunites once again and began touring worldwide.

Her final years

With the battle against her health issues, Marie never stops quitting.

She released three singles Alone Again, I Want To Go on 2017 and Sing Me a Song on 2018.

Her husband and his music partner, Per.

On a Twitter Post by Per he said:

Courtesy from Par’s twitter page (@PartyPleaser)

Deepest condolences to your family and loved ones.


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