Red Carpet: 2019’s Best Moments at this Year’s Biggest Event According to CNN

Red Carpet: 2019’s Best Moments at this Year’s Biggest Event According to CNN

2019’d in fashion is one of the best we can look from past years and it’s quite surprising. However, it’s the Red Carpet edition.

lady in red carpet
Courtesy from pixabay

Red Carpet events are one of the famous events we look at every year.

There are events such as Met Gala, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards, Oscars, etc.

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So here are our top picks of best moments from 2019’s Red Carpet courtesy from CNN

Cardi B’s Mugler Couture

The singer/rapper has a quite unique of style and looks she picks at Grammy Award’s back in March 2019.

red carpet jared
Courtesy from CNN

She landed on the event wearing this 1995 signature dress from Thierry Mugler.

At the event, the female single artist has won the best rap album.

She was the first female to ever achieve that wow imma skrrrrt on that Cardi.

Jared Leto’s head

This one’s really Iconic as the lead vocalist of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto shows up with the Identical mannequin head version of him.

red carpet jared
Courtesy from CNN

So Leto attended last year’s Met Gala with a quite bizarre outfit.

He wears a turtle gown with strings of diamonds draped over his silky bodice. But wait, there’s more.

To top it up, He had also a replica of his face that he carried as well at the event which reported cost of $11,000 wow!

In an interview with GQ he said:

“Honestly, I have no idea,” I think someone may have stolen it.”

Lady Gaga’s Camp Extravaganza

Rarara ah ah really Lady Gaga?

red carpet lady gaga
Courtesy from CNN

Lady Gaga always has something to show in terms of fashion, one of them is at Met Gala.

She showed up with a series of costume changes for more than 15 minutes.

It’s a four-part outfit, and she literally dominates Met Gala.

Includes A billowing fuchsia gown, its parachute-sized train carried by a crew of tuxedo-wearing, umbrella-wielding men.

And lastly, she then stripped down to a black gown, followed by a pink slip dress and finally a crystal bra and panties, All with the help of Brandon Maxwell.

Zendaya’s Cinderella moment

Do fairy tales exist? Well, in this case, Zendaya brings it on, Met Gala.

red carpet zendaya
Courtesy from CNN

The singer/actress of the Spiderman Homecoming movie kicks in with a different look.

Inspired by Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya dressed in a long, hooded coat, Law flicked his wand and released a puff of smoke that lit up Zendaya’s grey organza dress from hemline to bodice.

Well, this resembles Cinderella a Disney Princess.

Gwendoline Christie and her Goddess theme

red carpet gemma
Courtesy from CNN

Considering Emmy Awards was a prestigious event held in 2019.

The Game of Thrones actress who then submits her own Emmy Nominations statement didn’t fail to stun us.

Wearing a Gucci dress and a red cape just looks like a replica of Goddess.

She earned her social media comparisons to the likes of Marcus Brutus, Jesus, her on-screen character Brienne of Tarth.

Gemma Chan and her “Crazy Rich Asians” looks

red carpet gemma
Courtesy form CNN

With the success of the movie, “Crazy Rich Asians” back in 2018, the lead actress also brought a fashions sense in the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

Gemma Chan wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown to a custom floral-print dress by Jason Wu.

She even dominates her co-stars with this stunning dress.

So that’s our top picks for you, we hope to see more this year.


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