Reason Why Dog and People Have Strong Relationship

Reason Why Dog and People Have Strong Relationship

Most people in the world have a good and strong relationship with their pets especially if it’s a dog. But how does it happen? What’s the secret behind those relationships?

The reason why people and dogs have a strong relationship is because of their love reinforcing feedback loop.

reinforcing feedback loop
Figure 1: Reinforcing Feedback Loop System

This system of relationship between people dogs allows their love for each other to grow deeper as they bond every single day.

They are both reinforcing their love for each other as they make memories. Thus, people and their dogs will have a strong relationship.

In other words, the system or the process of their love every day will surely deepen their connection.

strong relationship of dog and people

All the love that they are investing in their dogs is making their connection stronger and deeper. That’s why this is called a reinforcing feedback loop.

It is a process that will happen all over again as we build a bond with another biological being like the dog.

This feedback loop system is in a positive way. But if we will look at it negatively, this can still be a system but with different result.

If people will invest fear for the dogs, their pets will still have a relationship with them but only out of fear.

strong relationship of dogs and people

These dogs will just obey them because they are afraid of punishment. Their owners are using fear to reinforce their authority over them which will the dogs be their servant.

Therefore, whether negatively or positively, the secret of the strong relationship between people and dogs is their reinforcing feedback loop system.


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