Rap Superstar Drake Changed A Student’s Life

Rap Superstar Drake Changed A Student’s Life

The famous Rap Superstar Drake visited the University of Miami. There is one student named Destiny James who is so excited, but she is busy doing the appointment she had made early on.

Drake went to the school to film his music video. Unfortunately, James who is a scholar had an obligation to make a video for possible donors for their scholarship program in South Carolina.

James is a health major, and as a scholar, she believes that she should also help other students to benefit from the opportunity she is experiencing.

When she was about to film her video, she saw a massive mob of students who are gathering around the Rap Superstar Drake.

“Okay, I will just keep on filming my video with all these kids going to Drake,” she said. But to her surprise, Drake himself approached her and gave her some amazing news.

He clarified that he desired to change his tactic for his music video and give back to the community and his fans.

The rap superstar said that he had read the scholarship essay of James and he decided to support her in a huge way.

As it turns out, the whole video assignment of James is a setup. This is Drake’s way of giving James a $50,000 cheque for her tuition! She was so glad of the action that this rap superstar did.

With the donation of Drake, James plans to take a master’s degree after she graduates from college and will return to South Carolina. Her plans are now achievable because of Drake’s generous donation.

If all people will just help each other out, our world could be so much better than today.


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