Rafael Nadal wins 19th Tennis Grand Slam Title

Rafael Nadal wins 19th Tennis Grand Slam Title

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal closes in on dethroning Roger Federer for the record of most Grand Slam wins.

Earlier this week, the 33-year-old Spanish Tennis Player beat out Daniil Medvedev for the US Open Title. Subsequently, this becomes his 19th Grand Slam victory across different tournaments. Notably, Rafael Nadal won over Medvedev in a close to five-hour match that saw the two stars batting away at each other. Ultimately, Nadal edged out his opponent after five sets in New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Subsequently, Nadal’s triumphs were given tribute after winning the contest. Apparently, the mostly Nadal crowd at the stadium gave the star a vibrant standing ovation. Particularly, the video tribute showed his 19 Grand Slam victories over the course of his career. Additionally, and in a candid interview moment, Daniil Medvedev swiped at Nadal in saying “If I win, what will they show?”. Apparently referring to the video tribute.

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Rafael Nadal not out to break the record

Despite the loud praise he received, Nadal claims that he’s not really out there to beat Federer’s record. Notably, the tennis player figures to beat it eventually as he only trails Federer by 1 Grand Slam. Additionally, Federer, at 38 years old may not have enough playing years on his sleeve. However, he mentions that “If that attracts fans and creates interest in the people, that’s good for our sport, no?”.

Apparently Rafael Nadal took on a number of gruesome injuries over the last couple of years. Evidently, the tennis star had to withdraw from a number of tournaments to nurse his injuries. Particularly, he missed 11 out of 12 potential tournaments last year. Fortunately, the star got back on track and has since looked as if he turned back time.

Notably, Nadal’s victory comes a day after Serena Williams got booted out in the women’s final by first-time champion Bianca Andreescu. Additionally, Andreescu, like Medvedev, played in the US Open Final for the first time in her budding Tennis career.


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