Qantas to launch world’s longest flight at 19 hours

Qantas to launch world’s longest flight at 19 hours

Airline giant Qantas plans to test run what could potentially be the world’s longest flight, reports say. Experts believe that the ultra long haul flight from Sydney to either New York or London would take more than 19 hours to complete. Dubbed as “Project Sunrise”, the endeavor seeks to close gaps between the opposite ends of the globe. However, the airline first needs to know if the plan is doable on the part of the passengers.

As Qantas prepares to test run, the airline commissioned three test flights. Accordingly, these test flights will feature the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and will include 40 non-paying passengers and crew. Joining the passengers are medical experts who would observe and assess the viability of the said plan. In particular, passengers’ sleeping patterns, meal consumption and digestion, and bowel movements would be assessed. The test flights are expected to be done by October.

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According to reports, Qantas seeks to launch the direct flights from Sydney to New York and London by 2022. Consequently, Qantas President Alan Joyce sees this endeavor as “the final frontier in aviation”. Apparently, the ultra long haul flight is something that the airline company has been wanting for a long time.

Should this fly, the Qantas route would break the record for the world’s longest flight which is currently being held by Singapore Airlines. Accordingly, the flight from Singapore to Newark New Jersey takes close to 18 hours. However, due to the effects on the passengers, the said route was discontinued in 2013.


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