Psychologist Shares The Secrets if Someone is Lying

Psychologist Shares The Secrets if Someone is Lying

Whether we admit it or not, most of us have already lied to our friends, colleagues, and even to our family.


The lies that we usually do are just lies to make things go smoother. However, some people are doing it to manipulate people.

That’s why it is good to learn the basics of determining a person’s actions if he or she is lying.


Fortunately, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, a clinical psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, shares the common ways to know if someone is lying to you.

Someone is Lying If They Have Tricking Delight

someone is lying if he has fake smile

It is the insensible pleasure of effectively manipulating someone or they’ve got away from their lie. It’s an indirect, suppressed smile that can be seen during unfortunate moments.

Someone is Lying If They Have Non-Congruent Gestures

someone is lying

This is when the body evidently “disagrees” to your lies. A shrug of the shoulders or minor shaking of the head matching with an affirmative statement possibly means that the person you are talking to is lying.

Someone is Lying If They Avoid Eye Contact

someone is lying if avoiding eye contact

This is also known as breaking eye contact with a person. Sometimes, people who are lying might feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or speechless when they are talking.

It will cause them not to look at the other person’s eyes.

Excessive Choice of Words

excessive words

A person can simply say “I didn’t cheat on you,”. But because they wanted to defend their lies, they are saying a lot of words to convince you that they didn’t cheat on you.

Scripted Stories or Narration 

someone is lying if scripted words

The clinical psychologist, Dr. Hendriksen, explains that people who are lying tend to practice their stories from start to finish. That’s why if you ask them to tell specific details, it will be hard for them to do that.



Deceivers are reluctant in using the word “I” and they are always using pronouns to point someone. For example, “that man” instead of giving a name.

Fake Trust

someone is lying if giving fake trust

People who are lying will appear to be trustworthy and say all wonderful things. They will also smile at the right times making it as fake smiles.

Now that we know some secret actions of the people who are lying, we can somehow tell if someone is lying to you or not. Let us share this knowledge with our friends and family so that they will also learn.

Remember, lying is not good whether it is a good lie or not. Honesty will always be the best policy in the world.


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