Presidential Dog of the Former US President George Bush Sr.

Presidential Dog of the Former US President George Bush Sr.

Did you know that most US presidents love to have a pet dog in the White House? Their pet is labeled as the presidential dog.

presidential dog of white house

In fact, 30 of the 44 presidents have them. However, the current US president, Donald Trump don’t have a dog because he said that his not a fan of them.

Barack Obama
Former US President Barrack Obama and his Presidential Dog

On the other hand, let’s look at this funny story of the presidential dog of the former US President George Bush Sr. Back in 1992, he has an English Springer Spaniel named Ranger in the White House.

Ranger is a friendly presidential dog who is kind to the staff that’s why he’s receiving a lot of treats from them.

As a result, he became so fat that his owner, the president at that time, sent out a hilarious memo to all his staff.

The funny memo is instructing all the staff not to give food to his presidential dog Ranger. President George Bush Sr. doesn’t want his dog to die from obesity.

It is so good to know that presidents don’t just care for his constituents, but also to his pets. His presidential dog Ranger is one of the sons of Millie, also known as “the most renowned dog in White House history.”

Millie is even acknowledged as the writer of Millie’s Book that was published on August 1990 and it was on the top spot of the New York Times bestseller.

These presidential dogs are so lucky to be living in the White House.

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