Pregnant Woman Killed by Dogs in French Forest

Pregnant Woman Killed by Dogs in French Forest

A pregnant woman killed by dogs in a forest in France where a hunt with hounds was taking place. This was according to investigators.

The body of the 29-year-old Elisa Pilarski found in the forest of Rets outside the village of Saint-Pierre Aigle, Saturday. She was just walking her dogs at the time of the attack.

pregnant woman killed by dogs in french forest
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Pregnant woman killed by dogs

An autopsy revealed that the woman died of “bleeding from several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs as well as to the head”, prosecutor Frederic Tinh said in a statement on Wednesday.

An investigation opened into involuntary manslaughter by a dog attack, the prosecutor said.

The tests, comparing fresh DNA samples with those taken from Ms. Pilarski, will try to determine which dogs attacked her.

Officials have confirmed in a statement that saliva samples had been taken from 67 dogs, including the victim’s dogs.

The woman’s partner said that she was just going for a walk when he got a call from her saying that there are threatening dogs. Trinh said.

Christophe the partner of the woman told BFMTV,

I went to the forest, I saw her 4×4. I looked for her and I met some hunting dogs, a rider, and then I called (our dog) Curtis and that’s when Curtis warned me by barking.

I walked towards the precipice, the ravine, I saw thirty dogs arrive so I moved away

The man also told BFMTV that he found the body of his partner, who was undressed and had been bitten all over her body.


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