Pregnancy Prank of a Girl to Her Boyfriend Turns to Be Epic Fail

Pregnancy Prank of a Girl to Her Boyfriend Turns to Be Epic Fail

Almost all YouTubers today are about doing some weird challenges or doing pranks to their friends such as pregnancy prank, zombie attack, ghost prank, and many other fun things.

These pranks that most YouTubers do have a perfect video method.

YouTube pregnancy prank

They have their set-up, implementation, the big expose, and all the reactions during the process. Mix it all up and capturing every moment of it on film can be fascinating.

Just like Slaiman and his girlfriend, Kate, they often pull pranks with each other on their YouTube videos. But recently, they decided to stop because the pranks are already affecting their relationship as a couple.

Nevertheless, Kate still tries to pull one more prank on her boyfriend. For this last time of pranking, Kate tells her viewers that she is planning to tell Slaiman that she is pregnant.

She makes a false argument with her mother on the phone and says that she went to the doctor that morning.

The boyfriend asked her numerous times if she’s just joking. But Kate said that she will not joke something serious.

Therefore, he starts asking her girlfriend if she has met someone other than him because he said that he was infertile.

It just means that it is impossible for her boyfriend to be the father of the baby if it’s all true. The pregnancy prank becomes an epic fail.


Let’s watch the dramatic and shocking story in the video below.

The couple proves that they both deserved each other. For better or for worse, they are together. Congratulations!


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