Pollution In Our Oceans is Killing The Life Living Within

Pollution In Our Oceans is Killing The Life Living Within

There are almost 300 million tons of plastic pollution every year, and a total of eight million tons of plastic are in the ocean.

A plastic would break down into fragments known as micro-plastics once they’re in the ocean, it would impose a toxic threat to any sea creature that consumes it.

water pollution

In addition to that, the other animals are getting entangle in bigger pieces and drown.

Furthermore, more than 100,000 marine mammals and over a million seabird die because of plastic debris.

With all these tragic deaths, the BBC documentary “Blue Planet II” highlights in its footage a devastating consequence of ocean pollution, particularly of a grieving mother whale.

It can be seen in the video that the pilot whale is carrying around her dead newborn calf, which she’d been doing for numerous days.

It’s been explained by Sir David Attenborough that “the calf may have been poisoned by the mother’s own contaminated milk.”

May the death of the calf be of the milk’s contamination or from ingesting particles of plastic, its death should be heavily burdened on our shoulders.

Each and every one of us contributes to throwing an enormous amount of plastic into our oceans.

Watch the heartbreaking footage below.

According to the Oceanic Society, pollution from plastic is considered one of the greatest threats to ocean health worldwide.

With this comes several lists of ways you can help reduce ocean pollution and make a difference for marine animals.


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