Poisonous Bouquet of BRIDE Brought Her to ER

Poisonous Bouquet of BRIDE Brought Her to ER

Photo: NY Daily News

A bride from Nebraska, USA exchanged vows with her now husband while suffering from severe allergic reactions.

Christine Jo Miller, 23, said her allergic reaction made her eyes were swollen shot. She had to be immediately brought to a nearby emergency room right after the wedding ceremony.

In an article, Mrs. Miller said she and her husband spent more time together in the ER during their wedding day.

She said she decided to create her own bouquet as she tried to save some money after the newlyweds bought a 29-acre plot of land outside Lincoln.

The night before the wedding, the bride-to-be and her bridal party went out to the backyard to pick up flowers for her bouquet.

They chose snow-on-the-mountain, a white flower with white and green leaves. Not having any adverse reactions during that time, she and her sisters picked up flowers that are enough to fill up a truck.

They stayed up all night to finish 40 table centerpieces, four flower crowns, seven bouquets, and 10 flower arrangements.

After waking up, she immediately went to the bathroom to wash her face using her hands she used to create flower decorations.

By noon, her face was all red while her eyes were already swollen. By 3:30 P.M., they made the ceremony quick so she could run to the nearest hospital.

Photo: NY Daily News

After getting allergy shots, they headed to their almost empty reception. Guests started to leave because they were over three hours late, she said in a report.

Nonetheless, she was happy her husband was supportive throughout the whole conundrum.

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