Plastic Surgery Have Dealt More Harm Than Good To This Person

Plastic Surgery Have Dealt More Harm Than Good To This Person

There are people who are not contented with their appearance due to some standards our society has given. That’s why some are undergoing plastic surgery.

surgeon doctor
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It’s very common on celebrities to have regular check-ups and be into medical procedures to get the appearance they wanted.  Korean model Hang Mioku, a gorgeous lady who didn’t see herself the way as most did.

Looking for physical flawlessness, Mioku had her first plastic surgery at 28 years of age, but she didn’t stop there.

Mioku's first plastic surgery
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She eventually moved to Japan, where she did most of her surgeries. Unfortunately, her face gradually expanded and became uneven.

There came a point when her physicians wouldn’t do more surgeries, proposing that a mental issue could be the cause of her extreme obsession.

Mioku in Japan
YouTube / Clipko

When she returns to Korea and stunning her family with her new look, Mioku began her treatment for a having mental issue.

But she quit on that and found another specialist willing to give her silicone injections. It even came to a point when she would inject syringe by herself

obsessed in plastic surgery
YouTube / Clipko

When her supply ran out, Mioku turned to infuse cooking oil into her face. The stunning picture beneath shows what it did to her appearance.

negative effect of too much plastic surgery
YouTube / Clipko

Mioku’s story spread rapidly with certain individuals having compassion for her by sending money so she could have a medical procedure to fix her swollen face.

While specialists had the option to decrease its size, her face is forever deformed. The now 57-year-old Mioku wishes to have her old face back.

regret comes last always
YouTube / Clipko

In spite of the fact that she did this to herself, I feel really frustrated for Mioku. I think that having a mental issue really affects her obsession with plastic surgery.


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