Plane Went Through a Rough Landing and Exceeded a Runway in Turkey

Plane Went Through a Rough Landing and Exceeded a Runway in Turkey

On January 13, travelers on a Pegasus Airlines flight ended up very scared for their lives when their plane slipped off a runway at the Trabzon Airport in Turkey.

plane outside runway
YouTube / euronews (in English)

“Our plain swerved unexpectedly,” said Fatma Gordu, am aircraft passenger. “The front of the plane smashed, and the back was floating above the ground. Everybody froze and was terrified.

” The Boeing 737-800 airplane was arriving on the runway, which was very slippery because of a sudden downpour when a problem regarding slowing down happened.

That is the point when the plane rammed out of the runway, tumbling down a lofty slope and halting with its front almost touching the Black Sea.

YouTube / euronews (in English)

Thank God that none of the 162 travelers, four crews, and two pilots were harmed in the accident.

“It’s a miracle that everyone was safe,” said Yuskel Gordu, another aircraft passenger. “We could have died and flown right into the ocean.”

One of the engines was caught up in the ocean

engine on sea
YouTube / euronews (in English)

The Trabzon Airport must be shut down for the whole night, and the flights will continue the following day. Look at a video of the incident.

What a blessing that everybody made it out securely! As said by Governor Yucel Yavuz of Trabzon, the prosecutor’s office has started a thorough investigation concerning the issue.


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