Plane Crashed in Congo

Plane Crashed in Congo

A small plane crashed in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday and at least 20 people killed. Including some people on the ground.

The plane operated by a local company Busy Bee crashed shortly after takeoff. It crashed into housed in Mapendo district in Goma on Sunday morning, provincial governor Nzanzu Kasivita Carly said in a statement.

There was no word yet on the cause of the accident.

Joseph Makundi, the coordinator of rescue services in Goma, said that 27 bodies recovered from the rubble. This includes the people that were hit by falling debris.

The remains of the plane that crashed in Congo

plane crashed in Congo
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Air accidents are frequent in Congo. None of the country’s allowed to fly in the European Union airspace amid concerns over the safety and their poor standards.

Djemo Medar, a witness on the crash said,

I was at a restaurant with my family when I saw the plane spinning three times in the air and emitting a lot of smoke.

After that we saw the plane crash into this house.

he said, pointing to a building nearby

Medar added,

We know the pilot. His name is Didier. He was shouting, ‘Help me, Help me.’ But we had no way to get to him because the fire was so powerful.

Maybe this is the time that Congo officials to think of a plan to improve on their standards.


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