Pioneer DJ to Change its Corporate Name to Avoid ‘Confusions’

Pioneer DJ to Change its Corporate Name to Avoid ‘Confusions’

The famous brand of sounds and equipment Pioneer changing due to conflict and avoiding confusions of the said brand names.

The only confusion that brought to fans is, “Really?” Sadly yes.

pioneer dj controller
Courtesy of pixabay

Well, the initial reason for this is the confusion over the Electronic Corporation Pioneer and the DJ gear company Pioneer DJ.

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Wait aren’t they related?

Some said it’s a rumor others say it’s confirmed but to end the confusion, the brand Pioneer released a statement on their website.

So there were answers now guys.

However, the brand actually confirmed that the name will change into “AlphaTheta”.

The good news is Pioneer DJ lines will stay on its signature on CDJ’s, Mixers and other equipment.

So here’s the statement of Pioneer courtesy from

The official statement released on December 27, 2019.

We’re changing our company name from Pioneer DJ Corporation to AlphaTheta Corporation. Our brands and brand names, including Pioneer DJ, will not be affected.

Pioneer DJ Corporation has changed its company name to AlphaTheta Corporation as of January 1, 2020. Our brands and brand names, including Pioneer DJ, will not be affected.

We’re updating our corporate name to better reflect our values and vision. The change is not related to any merger, sale, or reorganization.

We take great pride in our commitment to the music industry and we’ve chosen our new company name, AlphaTheta Corporation, based on our passionate vision to innovate, inspire, and entertain.


Music can guide the human brain into extremely powerful states of mind.

Peak human experience can be enhanced with an optimal balance of creative music, superior sound technologies, and group coherence. AlphaTheta refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in these peak states. Our vison is to use our innovative technologies to enable and enrich these peak moments.

AlphaTheta enables you to go Beyond the Music.

So it looks like we have some answers now folks it’s not the line but it’s the brand itself.

However, things aren’t good at all, especially DJ’s who used the equipment.

The News become a thread on a ‘Reddit’ post and one “Redditor“:

“Who is this doin’ this synthetic type of AlphaTheta psychedelic?”

Not to bash the new name but we kinda agree that naming it AlphaTheta is kinda weird.

Because we all know that the brand name has been here for a long time or I should say since 1938.

And changing it may cause a huge conflict.

But let’s see where this goes, maybe something new in the future to come.


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