Photos of The Knights Of Ren have been Revealed

Photos of The Knights Of Ren have been Revealed

In a stunning move, Empire released up-close photos of The Knights of Ren earlier this week. In Star Wars, the Knights of Ren serves as the personal bodyguard of Ben Solo, otherwise known as Kylo Ren.

According to reports, showrunner JJ Abrams conceptualized The Knights of Ren while making Episode 7. The group was supposed to have a major role in Episode 8 apparently. However, with the arguable misdirection of Director Rian Johnson towards the movie, most of the seeds that were planted in 7 were not sown. Hence, the Knights of Ren plot got sidelined together with a number of open items. In addition, other storylines such as Snoke, Rey’s parentage, and how Luke’s Lightsaber came into Maz Kanata’s possession were all sidetracked. In doing so, The Last Jedi greatly divided the fan base of Star Wars.

Photo Credited to Empire

However, with the return of JJ Abrams to the helm of Star Wars, things would again be set accordingly. Despite Abrams’ insistence that he would not malign Episode 8, his efforts are gearing towards closing the loops that were left out by Johnson. Fortunately, we may soon have closure on the entire Skywalker saga.

The Knights of Ren looks menacing enough

According to Star Wars canon, some of the Knights used to be Jedi in training under Luke Skywalker. However, it seems like no one among the Knights carries a Light Saber.

Additionally, the Knights look closely resembles Kylo Ren’s image. In the up-close photo, the Knights wear heavy black outfits and helmets. Furthermore, the group holds various weaponry including blasters, scimitars, and the like.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally ends a 42-year legacy. The last episode looks to put a closure to all the adventures and stories that surrounded the Skywalkers. However, according to reports, the franchise would continue on as it ventures towards other stories in a galaxy far, far away.


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