Philip Lee crosses over, leaves UK Conservative Party

Philip Lee crosses over, leaves UK Conservative Party

Conservative MP Philip Lee was seen crossing over to the side of the Liberal Democrats during the speech of PM Johnson. In a single move, Lee effectively crushed the hopes of the Conservative Party to deliver a Brexit deal. In essence, the dominant party of Boris Johnson loses its majority government with the move. Notably, Philip Lee’s move stirred a public clamor on the plans of Parliament.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately looked stunned with Philip Lee’s public show of desertion. Although he did not comment right then. However, despite the move, he continues to maintain an iron fist on the Conservative Party. In particular, he mentions that he intends to expel any party member who would plot a rebellion against the government.

Due to the transferring of MP Lee, the UK Opposition now holds a hairline majority. Particularly, Opposition leaders now count 320 MPs against Government’s 319. Hence, this remains to be either side’s battle for Brexit.

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Essentially, here’s what’s going on. A few years back, the UK government issued a referendum to the people asking them if they would like the UK to leave the EU. Notably, the Leavers won 51% of the vote. Therefore, the government was mandated to process Brexit. However, Labour and Opposition leaders opposed the public mandate claiming that the referendum was a sham. Since then, Labour leaders have been opposing plans to create deals that would lead to Brexit.

The move of MP Philip Lee could have come at a better time for the Conservatives as Brexit looms near.


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