Perfect Wedding Proposal For Gamers (if you’re a nerd)

Perfect Wedding Proposal For Gamers (if you’re a nerd)

Most gamers have probably heard of Super Mario Maker which is a side view camera angle video game and game creation system by Nintendo. It was released back in September 2015 for the Wii gaming console.

super mario maker for gamers

In this game, the players can create and play their own custom stages based on the Super Mario game series and share them with your friends online.

Over the years, the Super Mario Maker has new editing tools and new features. One of the notable features of it is to allow players to download other custom stages of another player.

super mario gamers proposal

This is an incredible way for people who love Super Mario franchise so much that they can create their own levels.

Surprisingly, there’s a nerd gamer who uses this game to the next level as he proposes to her girlfriend with his custom level.

Shane Birkinbine created a level on Super Mario Maker and asked his girlfriend to play it. The game level is just simple at the beginning.

But as it gets harder, the nerd gamer started to give advice on her girlfriend on how she can overcome it.

As the game goes on, her girlfriend is just playing but suddenly something’s different on the game.

She saw her name “Pam” on the screen, then she laughs and chuckles, asking his boyfriend how is this possible.

She can’t believe that it is happening. As she continues playing, she saw the big question on the game, and she was moved in tears.

Let’s watch the whole nerdy proposal for gamers which is quite unique yet amazing.

This may be a simple wedding proposal, but the time and effort that this nerd gamer spent are outstanding.


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