People Thought That This Mountain Lion is a Cat

People Thought That This Mountain Lion is a Cat

We believed that most people are kind. Sometimes these people will also help stray animals that they find on the streets. However, if you are that person, make sure that you know how to distinguish different animals.  

Just like this woman on Facebook who claimed on her post that she rescued a stray cat and the internet was astonished when she posted the image.

“Found Lost cat Panhandle near Hudson Trail,” she posted. “He was a little dirty, so we are washing him up.” The woman’s action is good, but there is just one problem. The cat that she’s referring to is a mountain lion.

As it turns out, her post is just to prank her friends living near her area. It became common to copy and paste this picture on social media in parts where mountain lions live.

The real mountain lion can be seen in this video from Russia.

At first, we thought that this woman mistakenly believed that the mountain lion is a cat.

It is so hard to believe that you can easily bring home a mountain lion. Fortunately, she couldn’t resist admitting the prank.

How about you? Did you also think that this woman brought a lion at her home? Share this funny story and joke with your friends to see their reactions about it.


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