Penguins Arrested by the Police in New Zealand

Penguins Arrested by the Police in New Zealand

There are some animals who have no respect for authority. A good example to show that are these two rascal penguins who are disobeying the police in New Zealand.

The police are having a hard time to stop them or rather they won’t stop. The two little blue penguins are spotted at Sushi Bi near the Wellington railway station, apparently trying to nest.

penguins arrested
Wellington District Police Facebook Post

The penguins had to cross over the busy lanes of traffic running between the harbor and the sushi bar. The police arrested the dangerous duo, then released back into Wellington Harbour.

“The waddling vagrants were removed from their sushi stand refuge earlier today by Constable John Zhu,” the police said. “Unsurprisingly, this was not the first report police had received about the fishy birds.”

The very next day, the suspect returned to the same place. Again, they were removed and put back in the harbor.

Sushi Bi employee Shawnee Kim said the penguins were “really cute” and they tried feeding them salmon. They wouldn’t eat the salmon, which means their crime extravaganza isn’t about stealing goods.

Usually, the little blue penguins start looking for nests in July and start breeding in August. It’s likely that these two were looking for a spot to get their nesting on.

blue penguins

The location is now on the watch just in case the penguins return to their wicked ways. Penguin habit is a problem because it’s their natural characteristic to always return to the place were they probably nesting.

The appearance of these rascal penguins might be a good thing. The population of little blue penguins is starting to thrive due to recent conservation efforts. Not to mention, it’s completely adorable.


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