Passenger’s Fart Forces Plane to Make EMERGENCY Landing

Passenger’s Fart Forces Plane to Make EMERGENCY Landing

Passenger’s fart forces plane to make EMERGENCY landing
Photo: Metro UK

A plane made an emergency landing after a row passenger could not stop farting.

Metro reported that the unnamed passenger kept breaking wind while onboard a Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol.

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The two Dutchmen beside the said passenger could not take the smell anymore. However, the passenger refused to hold back.

In the report, the crew of the low-cost Dutch airlines refused to deal about the situation.

This led to a fight between the passengers, causing the flight to emergency land in Vienna Airport.

Photo: Metro UK

Authorities immediately boarded and removed the two men and two sisters after the pilot made a report about “passengers on the rampage.”

After being removed from the flight, the two women who have been in the same row said they will be filing a case against the Dutch budget airline.

Further, hey said being removed was “humiliating” and now seeking legal action.

The women were returning to Amsterdam after a one-week holiday in Dubai.

“We had nothing to do with the whole disturbance. We distance ourselves from that,” said Nora, 25, who is also a law student from Rotterdam.

The four passengers were later released and were not arrested because they did not break any Austrian laws.

However, they cannot take flights from Transavia Airlines, that say the two girls were also involved in the fight.


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