‘Parasite’ Makes History as They Won Multiple Awards in Oscar

‘Parasite’ Makes History as They Won Multiple Awards in Oscar

Last Monday, February 10, we’ve seen history as the Korean film a ‘Parasite’ won awards in 3 categories including Best Picture.

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There’s no doubt that “Parasite” can’t make it into Oscars due to its impact in the film industry.

The parasite is a Korean Dark-Comedy genre film and it was directed by a Korean director, Bong Joon-ho.

The story is all about a family who’s struggle to survive in their daily lives who infiltrate the household of a wealthier one.

You can still watch the move on selected Cinemas worldwide.

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As of now, Korea made another history and dominating the other nominees in various categories.

Such as Best Picture, Bong Joon-ho as the Best Director, Han Jin-won as Best Original Screenplay alongside with Joon-ho,

And finally the Best Foreign Language Film.

It took us all by surprise when they won 4 Oscar trophies in total, yes 4!

Considering Asians already won trophies from the Academy Awards (Oscars) from the past years and decades.

Well that being said, this only proves that Asians are one of the biggest game-changer in terms of entertainment.

Joon-ho also delivers an amazing speech on the event:

via The Academy’s Twitter Page (@TheAcademy)

So on his Speech, he thank Martin Scorsese for his inspiration, and he didn’t forget about his fellow nominees as well.

And he also made humor about cutting his award and sharing it with his fellow nominees.

The Twitter community is talking about him and his wholesome speech and as well as the moments like this:

Courtesy from Steven Turner Twitter page (@steventphoto)

Aww isn’t that a sweet moment of victory?

They clearly prove to us that hard work really pays off.


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