Oil Facilities of Saudi Has Been Attacked

Oil Facilities of Saudi Has Been Attacked

Last week, all the tensions in the Middle East have escalated after the state-owned oil facilities of Saudi Arabia have been attacked.

The attack did not just damage the property of the state, but it also affected the whole world.

In fact, the attack was able to knock out more than half of the crude output from the world’s top exporter.

Moreover, five percent of the global oil supply or around 5.7 million barrels per day has been affected by the attack in Saudi.

The culprit for these attacks is the Houthis rebels or Ansar Allah from Yemen which they claimed after the incident. Certainly, these rebels have a grudge for Saudi because they have a dispute with each other.

oil facilities of Saudi
Screenshot from video of Sky News

Apparently, Saudi together with the US is constantly doing an air campaign to the Houthis rebels in Yemen hoping that they can stop these people from operating.

Unfortunately, these rebels fight back by doing this attack on the oil facilities and they said that there’s more to come.

However, the US doesn’t think that the Houthis was able to do that massive attack. They believe that Iran is behind all of this.

It doesn’t matter who’s behind all of these attacks, what matters is the effects of it on the world. Surely, the attack on the oil facilities of Saudi will have a long-term effect on all people of the world.


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