OG: OG’s Key Players are Going to Take a Break from Pro DOTA Scene

OG: OG’s Key Players are Going to Take a Break from Pro DOTA Scene

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Gaming: Our fellow warriors of OG esports are taking a break from the game platform DOTA 2, But their legendary performance will remain in our hearts.

I’m sure everyone who watched The International 2018 & 2019 would feel that.

And they created history in gaming these five players representing their country.

However, It’s not every day, you’re a pro player.

Recap of OG’s and their win right after their losses

OG, formed by two veteran players who we’re best of friends but always being apart (or indifferent teams without chemistry) is a successful team with most wins and trophies.

Originally, the team consists of Notail, Fly, MoonMeander, Cr1t- and Miracle-.

Now the team consists of Notail, Jerax, Ceb, Topson, and Ana.

The team was formed back in 2015.

With that being said, the team performed well in 2015-2016 and won many majors or big events of the game.

Remember Evil Geniuses? TI5 champions? Yup, they defeated.

They won majors such as Frankfurt Major, Manila Major, Boston Major, and Kiev Major.

Clearly they highly fan favorites as they got a Pub-star, the first-ever 9k MMR back in 2016, Miracle- (Former OG player, Former TI7 Champs Team Liquid, currently NIGMA’s carry player).

However, things aren’t quite going well.

Pinoys vs People’s Champ

Back in August 2016 as The International 2016 is being held at Seattle, the team had the biggest stomp of their career.

Why? Well as OG is clearly the fan favorites to claim the Aegis of Immortal (Game Trophy), there are underdogs who’re up for the challenge.

If you are thinking it’s TNC well yes you do.

Jimmy “DeMon” Ho is also a veteran of the game and by this time, he teams up with the Philippine DOTA 2 team, TNC.

And with that being said, the team lost and is out of the tournament.

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Well since then the team had a variety of roster changes and several losses from major events.

I know at this point, this is their downfall at that time.

But they didn’t back down

OG’s 2018-2019 Reign

No one knows what might happen next, even no one predicted it.

Now before their victory at TI 2 consecutive years, the team struggle.

As for s4 and fly, Notail’s best friend leaves and joins Evil Geniuses, At this point, it feels like a betrayal, oohh.

Now Notail struggles to find players, he hired a pub star, Topson, a former player of the team who returns ANA, and their coach, Ceb.

So when the TI8 comes, they got it. They secure their first title and defeated PSG.LGD, China’s Powerhouse team.

Not to mention, they get their revenge from EG.

On TI9, they were also successful as they won the tournament once again against Team Liquid.

Take note, they made history as they were the first to break the odd-even title pattern between China and the West, and the first-ever back to back champs of the game.

Fast forward today, OG has an announcement from the several tweets below from their official twitter page.

Well it’s clear and it’s official, it’s sad at the same time as Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka is retiring from the scene and Anathan “Ana” Pham will extend his break and will return for 2021 season.

We hope that the next prodigies will continue the legacy and chemistry of the team.

If you want to see their performance from last year’s TI9, “True Sight: The International 2019 Finals,” this January 28.


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