North Atlantic Right Whale Will Be Extinct in 20 Years

North Atlantic Right Whale Will Be Extinct in 20 Years

Sadly, the North Atlantic Right Whale is extremely endangered again after it was able to rebound from the hunting decades ago.

This enormous creature is once again being hunted by people which decreases their numbers sharply.

Moreover, the North Atlantic right whale is only 400 in numbers, and only 25% of them are female breeders which are vital to the survival of their species.

According to the researchers, these gigantic creatures will be extinct in 20 years if the factors affecting their survival will not be moderated.

North Atlantic Right Whale
North Atlantic Right Whale via Flickr

These factors that are affecting the lives of these whales are climate change, fishing, and boating.

Certainly, those factors are affecting their food supply which allows the sharp decline in the population of the North Atlantic right whales.

“We need to take a strong and bold effort with everyone involved to save the endangered species,” says Ann Pabst, morphologist at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington.

“We needed to double our efforts this time.”

For us to save these whales, we really need to be united and work as a whole in saving this species. Moreover, the world leaders should cooperate in preserving this rare type of whale in our Atlantic ocean.

Let’s preserve the planet and its creatures not for our generation, but for the future generations to come.

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