Noble Mission of a Group Against Plastic Waste Pollution

Noble Mission of a Group Against Plastic Waste Pollution

After returning to shore last January due to a fault, the floating machine has set sail towards the Pacific Trash Vortex which is the biggest plastic island floating in the ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup noble mission is giving it another go, not letting the first impediment convey it to a permanent halt: the machine.

This machine is designed to lift out the biggest ocean cleanup operation ever.

Boyan Slat, the mastermind behind the project, announced on Twitter that they currently heading in the direction of the Pacific Trash Vortex, the biggest plastic island on the planet.

Don’t Give Up on the Mission

In late 2018, the 600-meter long machine known as Wilson was damaged by non-stop exposure to waves and wind.

It has inflicted a 20-meter long area to detach from it and forcing the whole machine to return to port.


After about 4 months of restore operations, Wilson has now headed again towards the Pacific Trash Vortex between the US states of California and Hawaii.

“Hopefully, nature doesn’t have too many surprises in store for us this time, Slat tweeted. Either way, we’re set to study a lot from this campaign.”

Noble Mission 2.0

In order to keep away from the identical problem, Ocean Cleanup engineers haven’t solely fixed the floating machine but also tried to improve it.

They have two enhancements on the new model of the machine. It now has a set of inflatable buoys that must minimize its float and assist it to pass slower than floating plastic.

noble mission to reduce plastic pollution

The team has also tried to make the machine extra durable by means of developing less complicated connections between the variety of elements and getting rid of unnecessary stabilizer frames.

Finally, it was once built following a modular approach, in order to make repairs and adjustments simpler without having to carry the entire barrier to shore.

A Sustainable Barrier

Wilson is using oceanic currents and solar power, consequently, the machine doesn’t require extra power to elevate out its mission of amassing plastic.

plastic bottle in oceans

During its first subject test, marine biologists monitoring the mission onboard also validated that it hadn’t triggered an extensive bad environmental impact.

This is indeed a noble mission that must be accomplished to lessen plastic pollution. We’re rooting for you, Wilson!


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