Ninja Headbands have been banned from the NBA

Ninja Headbands have been banned from the NBA

Last season, a number of NBA players were seen wearing ninja headbands during games. Apparently, the cool-looking bands made a statement among the different players, as well as in other leagues. However, the NBA announced this week that the bands are no longer allowed in official games. As expected, players and fans alike criticized the kill joy move by the league.

According to reports, the NBA finds the ninja headbands as unprofessional looking and not part of the approved uniform code. Indeed, the ghetto inspired gear does look cool and hip. However, according to NBA Spokesperson Mike Bass, “The ninja-style headwear is not part of the NBA uniform and hasn’t been through the league approval process,”.

In effect, the league formally suspended the use for the upcoming season. Hence, the bands could still be worn if a review proves to be solid.

Is there a Ninja headbands conspiracy?

However, a number of NBA players and sports fans allege that Nike has a part to play in the ban. Apparently, the sporting goods giant maintains a strong partnership with the league as it supplies the jerseys and other clothing items worn by the players. As the ninja headbands do not form part of Nike’s list, it somehow looks as if the company wants to own the rights to it as well.

Particularly, a number of NBA players were seen wearing the ninja headbands last season. However, according to reports, the NBA did not want to cause a scene mid-season. Hence, they only held formal banning today. Accordingly, some players using the new gear were LeBron James, Jimmy Butler and Jrue Holiday.


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