Nicki Minaj Announces Her Retirement on Twitter

Nicki Minaj Announces Her Retirement on Twitter

Ten-time Grammy-nominated rapper Nicki Minaj announced her retirement from the music scene through her Twitter account. Apparently, the Superbass rapper mentioned that she’s retiring from music to start a family.

Nicki Minaj currently dates convicted criminal and registered sex offender Matthew Petty. Subsequently, signs point to her marrying Petty soon as her Twitter handle not so subtly announces how she intends to be. Particularly, Minaj’s verified Twitter name has since been changed to Mrs. Petty. Across social media, shows, and interviews, the couple shows that they are head over heels in love with each other. According to reports, Minaj plans to marry Petty “in 80 days”.
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True to Nicki Minaj’s character, she did not hesitate to take a swipe at her critics and bashers in her tweet. Accordingly, she mentions that “to my fans, keep reppin me, do it il da death of me… cuz ain’t nobody checkin me”.

However, does Nicki Minaj really plan to retire and take this route? Hollywood doesn’t seem to think so. Apparently, entertainment reporters, analysts, and icons doesn’t think that she’s being serious at all. Likewise, a number of chart-topping artists have previously announced their retirements only to come back to the studio just months later. In particular, Jay Z retired in 2003, yet has released five studio albums since then. Additionally, Eminem also retired but has not stopped recording.

Nicki Minaj released her first studio album in 2010. Since then, she has been nominated for the Grammys ten times. Unfortunately, her most recent release Megatron in 2018 received poor reviews and dismal sales. Thus prompting her to cancel numerous concerts and events citing lack of preparation. However, poor ticket sales seem to figure greatly on this matter.


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