New Rainbow Trick with Fidget Spinners Invented By a Dad!

New Rainbow Trick with Fidget Spinners Invented By a Dad!

Fidget spinners probably have taken over your house if you are a parent of any little youngsters or pre-adolescents.

These addictive toys are originally advertised as a stress-reliever, however, any parent or teacher is certain that they are, to a greater sense, a distraction other than what it is stated purpose.

fidget spinners

A number of schools even banned these toys from the four corners of their classrooms.

But as the children go to the web to look for the newest tricks with this toy, a father is flaunting how fidget spinners can make ordinary chores much more delightful, even washing the car.

While David Freiheit and his daughters were cleaning their car, David showed off a special trick on the fidget spinner by making something amusing just by using a hose.

dad making tricks with fidget spinners

To show that nothing strange was going on, he began by spraying water over the car.

The girls were amazed by his colorful trick as soon as he added the spinner to the mix.

father and children washing their car

What an incredible way to commence Pride month! Visit Freiheit’s YouTube channel to discover more of his tricks with the fidget spinner and his other antics.

Also, make sure to spread his story to the other spinner-obsessed families so they, themselves, can give this awesome trick a try.


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