New Law in England Can Save Dogs from Puppy Mills

New Law in England Can Save Dogs from Puppy Mills

There are a lot of dogs who are suffering in most puppy mills. They are forced to live in dirty environments while raising puppies and they rarely have some medical care.

sad dog in puppy mills

Aside from that, these dogs lack human affection which is important to them. The owners of these puppy mills are profit-driven breeders and they didn’t care about the welfare of the dog.

However, the situation of the dogs might change because of the new law in England which will take effect in 2020.

dog and a pig in a same cage

The government has confirmed that the new law will ban puppy sales in pet shops and other third-party dealers. This will be a game-changer for the suffering dogs and the puppy mills owners.

How Can The New Law Affect the Puppy Mills?

With the new law, there will be new or improved welfare requirements for people who want to breed dogs and sell them. They would need to obtain licenses for them to sell puppies.

dogs in puppy mills

Another good news with this law, breeders won’t be able to sell puppies and kittens who are under eight weeks old. This would be an excellent requirement once the new law takes effect.

Moreover, people who will buy or adopt a dog should contract directly the breeder or a re-homing center.

The prospect owners must be physically present for them to make a purchase. The puppies must be revealed alongside with their mothers before selling them.

peeking dogs

The animal organizations such as Dogs Trust believe that these guidelines are a great way to check on the breeders and sellers regularly.

However, the numbers of sales in the illegal market could increase because of this new law.

sad dog

We hope that when this new law takes effect, it would really save thousands of dogs from their situations in puppy mills.

We also hope that our countries will also make laws similar to what England made.


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