New Heights for NBA Players Revealed following New Policy

New Heights for NBA Players Revealed following New Policy

A number of NBA players now have new heights following a new NBA policy. According to reports, the height measurement follows the NBA’s drive to provide correct information.

In essence, a number of NBA players became smaller as compared to previous years. Subsequently, players such as Golden State’s Draymond Green, Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant all received lower heights. Accordingly, this caused a stir in the league.

Apparently, commentators have been calling out Draymond Green’s height wrong all these years. The bulky Power Forward who has contended for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award apparently only stood at 6’5. Previously Green had been called out at 6’7.

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Likewise, Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving gotten smaller as well. Irving has been called out as a 6’3 Point Guard. Although, according to the NBA’s new measurements, the speedy guard only stands at 6’2.

However, Kevin Durant figures to have the most controversial height revisions. For the longest time, Durant’s height has been questioned by commentators and fans alike. Apparently, he usually plays around with people about his height. Subsequently, there have been instances when Durant got called out as a 7’0 Center. Likewise, he was a 6’9 Small Forward for a time. However, to set the record straight, the former NBA Most Valuable Player stands at a mid-range 6’10.

Additionally, a lot of NBA players’ heights could drastically change down the line. In essence, players like Isaiah Thomas, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard are in for a wild ride once their true heights get revealed.

New Heights, not an issue, Curry says

However, NBA superstar Stephen Curry believes that this doesn’t really matter as much as it sounds. According to the sweet-shooting Point Guard:

“It’s more for the fans than it is for the players. I don’t think anyone feels any different as a player with his actual listing. I’m sure wherever KD is, he’s not feeling different about not being 6-9 anymore so all that stuff is more for the fans and understanding what it’s like when you walk on the floor [seeing] how truly big guys are but its more just another thing to talk about.”


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