New Evidence for the Battle of Mount Zion in the Bible

New Evidence for the Battle of Mount Zion in the Bible

The archaeologists have excavated new evidence of the brutal, extensive siege of Jerusalem as written in the Second Book of Kings in the Bible.

The Bible says in 2 Kings Chapter 25 verses 2 to 4,

“The city was kept under siege until the eleventh year of King Zedekiah.By the ninth day of the fourth month the famine in the city had become so severe that there was no food for the people to eat. 

Then the city wall was broken through, and the whole army fled at night through the gate between the two walls near the king’s garden,

The Charlotte archaeologists are excavating in Jerusalem when they found new evidence of the Babylonian battle in 587 or 586 BCE (before common era).

They found layers of ash and arrowheads dating from the time in the Bible. They even discovered Iron Age potsherds, floor lamp, and a gold and silver tassel or earring.

The researchers said that their discoveries are from the specific occasion of the Babylonian conquest in the Bible.

The Validity of the New Evidence

The reason why they said that those things are that old because it is a unique combination of things.

The pottery, lamps, burnt wood, ashes, and several Scythian-type bronzes and iron arrowheads are distinctive of that time.

UNC Charlotte professor of history, Shimon Gibson, said:

‘We know where the line of the early wall ran, so we agree that we are inside the city.

‘We recognize that this is not their dumping area, but the south-western district of the Iron Age city – during the 8th century BCE

the urban area stretched from the “City of David” zone to the south-east and as far as the Western Hill where we are excavating.”

Gibson said the ash proves another clue.

‘For archaeologists, an ashen coating can mean different things. It could be ashy deposits removed from ovens or it could be localized incineration of garbage.

‘The arrowheads we found are identified as “Scythian arrowheads” and it can be found in other archaeological war sites from the 7th and 6th centuries BCE.

‘They were commonplace in this period and are known to be used by the Babylonian warriors.

‘This evidence point to the ancient conquest of the city by Babylon because it is the only major devastation that Jerusalem experienced from the period of 587/586 BCE.’

This discovery of the archaeologists proves that a story in the Bible is true and valid. What can you say about this? We are looking forward to more discoveries about the Bible.


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