Netflix is on the Brink of Disaster as Competition Surges.

Netflix is on the Brink of Disaster as Competition Surges.

Netflix reigns. At least until 2021, experts say.

Netflix is the largest streaming platform in the world with over 151 million people subscribing to its services. However, competitors are looking to overthrow the dominance in the next few years.

For $ 12.99, subscribers can avail of their streaming services. In doing so, subscribers get to binge-watch a healthy number of original and syndicated films and TV series. Unfortunately for the company, its competitors have had enough. Today, a number of competitors are preparing to dismantle the dominance of the streaming giant. Online streaming services of HBO, Amazon, and Disney prepare to launch their respective platforms, at a price lower than Netflix’s. The competition claims that Netflix drained revenues from its film production companies and media networks. This, they claimed, occurred through the syndication of the films to their streaming platform.

Legally, the rights remain with the producers. However, agreements to syndicate the films and series were made. Thus allowing Netflix to show the non-original content in their service.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Disney+

Amazon Prime, HBO GO, and Hulu prepare to take the leader head-on. Late last year, Amazon Prime invested $ 200 Million to acquire the rights to J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner, mentioned that this will be the greatest and most expensive TV endeavor in history. At the same time, HBO went ahead and withheld from them the rights to their respective dramas and series.

However, Disney+ serves as the greatest threat to the existence of Netflix. As Disney Studios prepares to re-acquire all their assets, a good number of top-rated and most viewed films in Netflix may soon be gone from their platform. Disney maintains ownership of popular brands such as Marvel, Fox, and Lucasfilm. With the imminent pull-out, the streaming giant may be running after scraps soon enough.


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