NASA Will Send a Helicopter on Mars Next Year

NASA Will Send a Helicopter on Mars Next Year

We all know that it’s still impossible for us now to be able to visit the red planet. That’s why NASA will just send a helicopter for now on our behalf next year.

Kidding aside, the chopper that the space agency will send out has a bigger purpose to fulfill.

helicopter on Mars?

Certainly, the helicopter will be used to scope out the terrains of Mars including the Martian cliffs, caves, craters which will capture images of it to send it back to NASA.

Moreover, NASA is hoping that the pictures can help them learn more about the condition of the red planet.

They also hope that they will discover new things about the planet as well. Hopefully, it can help scientists know how we can safely visit our neighboring planet.

However, those things are just plans yet because there are challenges that NASA has to conquer. They must know whether the helicopter can fly in the thin atmosphere of the red planet.

“Our mission is to prove that independent, controlled flight can be accomplished in the particularly thin Martian atmosphere,” Mars Helicopter project manager of JPL, said in a statement.

NASA helicopter
Helicopter attached on the Mars Rover for 2020 via NASA

Above all, the air of Mars is just 1% as dense as that of Earth at sea level. That’s why this is a real challenge for NASA to conquer.

But if they can manage to do it, that’s another achievement for the space agency.

The helicopter will be sent off to Mars on July 2020 with the Mars 2020 rover and they will reach the red planet in February 2021.


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