Nail-biting isn’t a Nervous Breakdown Based to New Study

Nail-biting isn’t a Nervous Breakdown Based to New Study

There may come a time when people can’t think about any reason why others bite their nails. We often result in considering them being as troubled individuals who can’t control their nail-biting habit.

Maybe they were observed to have a mental issue or has some type of psychological behavior disorder.

In any case, observation does not constantly meet the truth in some cases.

We are here to give you appropriate pieces of truths with regards to nail-biting.


As indicated by studies, there is something more to this unpleasant habit than what people can see, and what researchers discovered may astonish you.

While having an uneasy feeling may cause a lot of nail-biting, did you know that there are further explanations behind this habit other than the need to relax our nervous system?

On account of an ongoing report from the researchers at the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, we may know the nature of the habit.

Nail-Biting and Perfectionism

Perfectionism is another regular cause for nail-biting, the same number of the population who bite their nails does it as a method for coping any imbalances in their normal cutting of nails habit

The dissatisfaction that leads to nail gnawing and the requirement for achieving perfection could be caused by anything, regardless of whether it is a worry at school, work or an inability to achieve their objectives in life.

A perfectionist has a “get up and go” kind of character and nail-biting offers a type of comfort from everything that they can’t control.

Do you have a companion or relative who battles with the thought of biting their nails?

Assuming this is the case, make sure to pass this amazing story along and offer them a touch of informative data about their bad habit so they can get it to fix.


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