MURDERER of the Engaged Doctors in BOSTON

MURDERER of the Engaged Doctors in BOSTON

Murderer, man found guilty on the killing of the engaged doctors on their Boston penthouse.

A jury on Tuesday found Bampumim Teixeira guilty. He murdered the two doctors found dead in their Boston penthouse in 2017.

Murderer found guilty on the murder of the engaged doctors in Boston
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Murderer found guilty

Teixeira, age 33, worked as a concierge in the building. Convicted of stabbing 39-year-old Lina Bolanos and her 48-year-old fiancé Richard Field. They were both well-known anesthesiologists. Teixeira also found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, and home invasion.

The case stood to be an unclear motive. Both the doctors were beaten and their hands bound. Found as evidence were writings on the wall saying “payback” and “he killed my wife”. Officers also found pictures crossed out and marked. Testified by a detective.

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The prosecutors questioned almost 30 people during the case. This includes the family and friends of the doctors, the first responders, and investigators.

The prosecutors said that Teixeira used his familiarity with the building to sneak into the 11th-floor penthouse of the doctors the day they were killed. Prosecutors even said that the pieces of evidence were “overwhelming” and “damning”.

Teixeira removed from the courtroom twice on Tuesday because of his outbursts. He even threatened Assistant District Attorney John Pappas and his family.

Now, his sentencing is scheduled for December 13.


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