MTV showcases Presenters and Performers for VMA 2019

MTV showcases Presenters and Performers for VMA 2019

The MTV Video Music Awards’ set to happen Monday, August 26!

This year’s VMA features a long list of performers and presenters. True enough, notable stars and icons prepare to take center stage to honor the music that came to be the past year. As such, fans and celebrities alike cannot wait for this year’s edition of MTV’s Video Music Awards!

Expectedly, notable bands and performers such as Queen, Taylor Swift, and Lenny Kravitz are all set to perform throughout the night. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco will be hosting the event.

As preparations went underway, a lot of eyebrows turned up with the selection of the host for this year’s VMAs. Despite maintaining a strong fan base, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco has very little much to do with music. In an interview, Sebastian Maniscalco mentioned that “I don’t really know a lot about music,”. Although people applauded his honesty towards music, it still raised a number of questions and concerns towards the filtering of hosts and presenters.

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Missy Elliott to Receive the MTV VMA Video Vanguard Award

This year’s MTV VMA Video Vanguard Award goes to Missy Elliott. The VVA, the highest award of show, goes to an artist who has shown exemplary performance throughout a lasting career. With multiple record-breaking singles and albums through decades, Missy Elliott’s career is set to go full circle. She is 48.

Highly notable for her music videos and appearances, fans expect a wild performance from Missy Elliott this year.

You can watch the MTV Video Music Awards through your cable TV. Likewise, you can stream it online at


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