Most People Hear Something Strange on this Silent GIF

Most People Hear Something Strange on this Silent GIF

There’s a Gif or a Graphics Interchange Format image that is making noise on Twitter and confusing most people who see it.

However, each gif on the Internet is silent, some people still guarantee they can hear something.

Here’s the gif being referred to, made by Happy Toast. Do you hear anything when you play it?

If you hear something, you’re one of the majorities who can. Dr. Lisa Debruine, a specialist from the University of Glasgow, made a survey that asks whether people could hear something from the gif.

Around 75 percent addressed that they could hear a crashing sound, while 3 percent revealed hearing “something else.” The issue does not only belong to this specific gif. You may hear the same crashing sound while viewing the one below as well.

most people hear something in this gif

Visual portrayals like these gifs show that what you see can impact what you hear or what you may think you hear. There are some information and motion that our minds are familiar with.

For example, jumping, our minds will tell us the sound it should produce.

Another intriguing issue is the McGurk impact, which is clarified in the BBC program beneath. It shows again how visual data can change our impression of what we hear through how the man’s mouth is moving.

The mind is an entirely astounding organ, would one say it isn’t? All in all, did you hear anything from these gifs?

Actually, we didn’t hear anything, yet we are just imaging the crashing sounds and nearly feeling them in my mind.


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