Most Massive Neutron Star Discovered by Scientists

Most Massive Neutron Star Discovered by Scientists

“It shouldn’t even exist”, this was how researchers mentioned the most massive neutron star ever discovered.

According to scientific research, neutron star figures as the universe’s smallest type of star. At best, a neutron star would roughly have the same size as cities such as Chicago or Atlanta. However, what makes it dense is the amount of mass contained in that small space. Reports from NASA say that this neutron star contained a mass of 330,000 Earths. Scientists accidentally detected the star with the Green Bank Telescope in Virginia. Can you imagine the weight of 330,000 Piles of the earth in a space as big as Chicago or Atlanta? That’s how compact and dense neutron stars are. In particular, this star is just 15 miles from end to end and sits about 4,600 light-years away from us.

Most Massive Neutron Star shouldn’t even exist!

According to scientists, the star is already at the edge of turning into a black hole. Apparently, its density already goes beyond what traditional physics can comprehend and explain. Hence, scientists mentioned that such a feat should not even exist, but it does.

In essence, the importance of this discovery cannot be understated. Because scientists have yet to properly identify the threshold of masses of neutron stars, J0740+6620’s discovery would seem to provide the answer. Notably, the star continues to pack in more mass in its highly congested area. Eventually, the star would crush into itself and become a new black hole.

The study surrounding this story was first reported and published by scientists and researchers in Nature Astronomy. Apparently, the said finding was an accident as the researchers were trying to study gravitational waves. Instead, what they got was something more significant for the field of astrophysics.

Our universe remains undiscovered. We’re truly excited to hear more about new findings, discoveries, and things that would leave us in awe.


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