Most Asian Countries Are Celebrating Moon Festival

Most Asian Countries Are Celebrating Moon Festival

This month, most Asian countries are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s also known as the Moon Festival wherein it falls to the 15th of the eight-month of the lunar calendar or the 13th of September.

This is the time of the year for people in East and Southeast Asia to gather with their families to celebrate this event.

moon festival
Lanterns during Moon Festival via Pixabay

Moreover, this day is when the families taste their autumn harvests, light up some lanterns, and witnessed the fullest moon of the year.

Certainly, this Moon Festival was meant to mark a beautiful harvest which was usually celebrated by the Chinese. They are partying this day with mooncakes as they see the brightest moon of the year.

Some people are even calling this event “Mooncake Festival” because it’s commonly a party with lots of mooncakes that are available for everyone.

Mooncakes via Pixabay

Originally, the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival officially become a celebration in China during the Tang dynasty. (618-907 Common Era). However, there’s no definite root in how this festival formed.

But Confucius did mention this celebration in his “Book of Rites” wherein the emperors are offering to the moon by holding a great feast for everyone.

As for today, this is an important festival wherein most families in Asia are gathering to be reunited as they celebrate it with lots of foods and mooncakes.


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