Monaco: Modern Meets Green Through the City’s Building

Monaco: Modern Meets Green Through the City’s Building

monaco environment
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Monaco is a mavelous country, it feels like you are having a vacation everyday, but it’s known for something else.

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You know what’s amazing about this country? That it is filled with trees.

Not only in land but also upstairs yes rooftops.

The green rooftops

Jessica Sbaraglia, is a 31 years old Swiss based and former tennis pro and a model.

She launched her urban agriculture business called Terre de Monaco.

And she have five micro farms and guess what? It all planted on rooftops.

Now that’s a great idea why?

Because in most structures in most countries specially commercial buildings, they don’t have this system.

Plus, it will help save energy.

Mostly, it contains all organic plants and forms of habitat.

For example, 170m-high Odéon Tower, the principality’s tallest building has a hidden gem for having trees and plants over the tower itself.

So Jessica explained that:

“I want people to reconnect with the taste of natural, organic produce, and remind them of its diversity and how it’s grown.”

She also tells that,

 “At first, everyone laughed at me, told me that I’d fail, that the project would never work.”

So With 1,600 sq m of potagers (gardens) that have produced a 5 tonnes of organics produce since 2016 and partnerships with chefs of Michelin-starred restaurant.

Sbaraglia is just one of many in Monaco helping to drive a change towards sustainability.

And by 2030, they hope that the greenhouse gases would be lessen and will be carbon-neutral by 2050.


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