Mom Refuses to Call 911 because of Having Low Minutes on Her Phone

Mom Refuses to Call 911 because of Having Low Minutes on Her Phone

While mobile phone networks offer several promos such as unlimited calls and plans, not every person can manage the cost of such. That’s why a mom who refuses to call 911 despite her emergency.

When Jessica Briones went to San Antonio police headquarters with her quiet little girl, police were left stunned by the mother’s choice to carry her to the station instead of taking her to a medical hospital.

With numerous wounds on her arms, face, and head, the four-year-old young lady was brought to an emergency where she was declared dead the following day.

In a meeting with the police, Briones uncovered that a portion of the wounds of her daughter came from here mistake.

mom refuses to call 911
Houston Chronicle via KOAT

She accidentally pummeled the door on her little girl’s arm, yet she demands that the young lady was very clumsy most of the time.

The mother was confused about how exactly her little girl had gained severe head injury. Therefore, Briones choose to bring her daughter at the police headquarters instead in a hospital.

The police are wondering why this mom refuses to call 911 even in her emergency situation. She said that she was running low on load, even though emergency calls are usually free.

mom refuses to call 911

While the cause for death is not yet confirmed, the medical examiner established a diagnosis.

Briones’ little girl had a swollen nose, eight scars on her scalp, a huge scraped area on the back of her head, a bruised eye, and several wounds.

While Briones’ charges will rely upon the results of the autopsy, her punishment would be facing 99 years in jail. The only thing we can do now is to believe that the young lady gets justice and peace.


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