Miracles Are Still True in This Modern Age

Miracles Are Still True in This Modern Age

Last March 2019, there’s an inspirational movie based on true events of a family in St. Louise, Missouri who experienced real-life miracles.

The title of that movie is Breakthrough wherein Stephen Curry is one of the executive producers.

miracles in the modern age

The story in this movie proves that miracles can still happen in our modern age.

So many people who’ve watched this was able to be reminded of God’s power and love for us. They were reminded that there are things that we still can’t explain in this world.

But sometimes, people are only considering things as a miracle if it’s something unfathomable like what happened in the movie. The main characters of the movie are John Smith and his parents.

John accidentally fell down on an icy lake in Missouri. When he was rescued, he had no pulse for 1 hour and the doctors are just waiting for her mother to declare his death.

Miraculously, John immediately had a pulse after her mother boldly pray for him.

The movie has a lot of more dramatic scenes. But that part is obviously a miracle that most people today are looking out for to say that they’ve experienced a real-life miracle.

pregnancy is one of the miracles of God

However, those events are not the only miracles we have in life. Childbirth is one of the greatest miracles in this world.

Nothing can still compare with that process of life. Seeing a baby grew up and be fine gentlemen and women is also a miracle.


Our life itself is a miracle from God. He gave us this breath of life to live in this world. Miracles aren’t just about extraordinary things. It can also be the little things that we sometimes take for granted.


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