Millions of BUGS Appeared on a Yorkshire Beach

Millions of BUGS Appeared on a Yorkshire Beach

Photo: The Metro UK

A swarm of bugs covered a beach on a Yorkshire beach.

The dead beetles covered huge parts of Cayton Bay, near Scarborough. One resident said this is the first time this phenomenon in the area happened.

“Usually you see seaweed left behind by the tide and from a distance that’s what it looks like and as you approach you think ‘what are these?’,” Sue Weatherill said as she witnessed the incident while she was doing her daily exercise near the beach.

Professor Jim Hardie, director of science at the Royal Entomological Society, said the bugs in the beach may be either European chafer beetles, or heather beetles.

“We do have two chafers from the same genus, the summer chafer and A. fallenii, no common name and very local,” he said during an interview.

Photo: The Metro UK

He explained that chafers are 15-20 mm in length whereas the heather beetle is 4-6 mm in length. He believes they are more likely heather beetles. 

Further, these kinds of beetles are primarily found in mainland Europe but not in the United Kingdom.

He also explained that here are reports of large populations of these beetles. He said, swarms were blown out to sea, perished and are now being washed up on the beach.

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